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End Child Marriage: Girls Hold the Key to the Future

With their boundless potential, adolescent girls can be many things—but being a bride against their will should not be one of them. Adolescence is a time of learning, self-discovery, socialization, maturation, and fun. For the world’s almost 70 million child brides, adolescence is marked by gender-based

End Child Marriage, Accelerate Progress Towards the Millennium Development Goals

Child marriage devastates communities all over the world, with an estimated one-third of the world’s female population aged 18 and younger married off as brides. A horrific reality for millions of girls, child marriage involves painful lifetimes of gender-based violence, dangerous pregnancies, complicated childbirths, risks of obstetric

Girl Power: Why We Need to Invest in Girls For a Better Future

Those of us who have had the privilege of working with and for girls in the developing world know how much they have to contribute to their families and communities. And we believe it’s time the world began to pay more attention to what girls

#LandMatters for Women

Consider the following: Women produce more than half the food in the developing world 43 out of 48 African countries and 21 out of 42 Asian countries have gender inequality in regards to entitlement to ownership of land It’s estimated that only 1% of the

Child Marriage: The World is Waking Up

Approximately 14 million girls under the age of 18 are married each year. According to the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), if present trends continue, 142 million girls will be married over the next decade. These facts and statistics are staggering. In a

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