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Míriam Hatibi on Activism Against Islamophobia by We Belong for Girls' Globe

Míriam Hatibi on Activism Against Islamophobia

For the third episode of We Belong Podcast, we take you to Spain to meet Míriam Hatibi. Míriam is an activist against racism and islamophobia and the author of ‘Look Me in the Eye’ and ‘Leila’.

Where are the Adolescent Girls?

Here we have a population of girls taken from their parents and placed in a system that criminalizes their existence…

Europe, Don’t See Refugees as a Threat!

Terrorism, violence against women, unemployment – these are true threats that we are currently facing in Europe, yet far too often these issues are being equated with the refugee crisis that is visibly pressuring European countries. That equation is not only false, it is also a

Girls Raise Their Voices For Education!

During a workshop I held at Mottagningskolan Mosaik, a school in Malmö, Sweden for newly immigrated teens, I met some amazing girls. These girls from Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, and Syria shared their views on girls’ rights and education, the importance of gender equality and the

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