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Gram Vikas: Clean Water Breaks Down Barriers

Walking through villages in Northeast India, I was astounded and dismayed by the devastating impact of the water and sanitation crisis. My path quickly became a Indian woman’s journey as I walked miles to the nearest water source. Shallow and open contaminated wells awaited me

Sexual Violence is a Global Epidemic – And none of us are immune

Recently, my social media feeds were  overwhelmed with posts about this CNN iReport story by Michaela Cross. The piece recounts her experiences with sexual harassment as a Western woman in India during her Study Abroad term. From inappropriate stares to uninvited physical approaches, most of what she

Repercussions of Dowries and Arranged Marriages in India

In India, the caste system, dowries, and arranged marriages are sustaining a hostile environment for women in the country. Immersing yourself in a culture or population to find out its needs and not imposing your beliefs upon others are lessons that have been vital in

Professor Gita Sen talks about women's and girls' empowerment in India

I had the opportunity to attend a session organized by the Center for Budget and Policy Studies here in Bangalore, India, as part of a lecture series on development and gender. This talk was by well-know and internationally acclaimed development economist, professor Gita Sen, who

State of the World's Mothers Report: Synopsis

“The first hours and days of a baby’s life are especially critical. About three-quarters of all newborn deaths (over 2 million) take place within one week of birth. 36 percent of newborn deaths (over 1 million) occur on the day a child is born.” ~

Mobile Technology: The Future of International Development

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the World Wide Web. Over the past twenty years, internet technology has grown exponentially. In fact, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) predicts that by 2015, 50 percent of the world will have access to the internet. Today, internet technology

India's Outcasts: Dalits

Did you know that India has more slaves than all other countries have together? Did you know that more than 200 million people in India are traditionally regarded as untouchable and live in the shadow of the wealthy and high-technological society as India is today?  Did

Quotas: now!

I have spent the last 10 weeks in India researching women’s political participation in Goa. The female politicians are very few in the state (only 2 % of the members of the legislative assembly are women). Over and over again I’ve asked female politicians I’ve

Play Get Water! for World Water Day!

Have you ever wondered about the difficulties women and girls face while gathering clean water? By playing Decode Global’s new game Get Water!, you won’t have to wonder anymore.  With a mission to raise awareness about the global water crisis, Decode Global recently launched an

CSW57: Eliminating and Preventing Gender-Based Violence

This week marks the start of the 57th annual United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW). Beginning March 4th and continuing until March 15th, international policymakers will convene in New York City to address this year’s theme: “elimination and prevention of all forms

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