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Why Partner With Grassroots Movements?

When it comes to work done by advocates and activists worldwide, there are various ways to classify different movements. Some are led by politics and policy making in government, some by formalized non-government organizations (NGOs), while others are led as purely grassroots movements involving many

The 2030 Promise: Multi-sector Partnerships Vital to Advancing Human Health

Johnson & Johnson strives to make a significant impact on people’s lives. After the new Sustainable Development Goals were adopted, JNJ has focused its efforts on galvanizing partners, mobilizing employees and engaging communities with the goal of impacting millions of more lives within the next

Leveraging Social Media to Address the AIDS Epidemic

Yesterday, the Girls’ Globe team attended a session on how digital and social media champions are creating change around the world. The session covered practical ways that HIV/AIDS activists, thought leaders, people young and old can utilize social media to create more reach in their networks and

The Responsibility of Storytellers

This post is written by: Trish Garrity At the heart of communities there is always a story and a trusted individual carrying it forward. Spanning generations, stories have the power to inspire us, change us, and educate us beyond what we know to where we

Women Who Inspire: Hannah Godefa

I first met the wonderful, then-15 year old Hannah Godefa during the International Day of the Girl Child celebrations in New York in October 2013. Hannah, who had been appointed as a UNICEF National Ambassador to Ethiopia in January 2013, gave opening and closing remarks

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