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Promoting safe birth in remote areas of Laos

By Kristyn Zalota, founder, In my last post, I wrote about the challenges mothers in rural areas face accessing prenatal and delivery care. The safe-delivery rate in cities in Lao PDR is six times higher than in rural areas, where my organization works.

Chewed Rice, not Exclusive Breastfeeding in Laos

In villages in southern Laos, breastfeeding mothers are as ubiquitous as thatched roofs and playing children. In my time among villagers, I have never seen a breastfeeding mother cover up or go inside to continue feeding. Breastfeeding stigma seems non-existent. On front stoops and in

Are there any more questions?

Nith and Nuth are Pencils of Promise’s (PoP) first students. In 2009, they began at PoP’s first pre-school in Pha Theung village, only a 40 minute drive out of Luang Prabang in Laos. I recently had the opportunity to travel back to this village. Against social, economic and health-related

Laos: Midwives Wanted

Around 60% of mothers in Laos give birth without any trained attendant. That rate is closer to 80% in remote areas.  Unsurprisingly, Laos has the highest rates of infant and maternal mortality rates in Southeast Asia. Why? One factor is a desperate lack of midwives.

The Dry Spell is Over for Women Looking to Lead

Laos runs on water.  Literally.  The self-proclaimed “Battery of Southeast Asia” will soon host 72 dams throughout its one thousand rivers.  While this energy export might benefit the Lao economy, the electricity from these dams rarely reaches the Lao people because it is sent to

Carol Perks: My Maternal Health Hero

Post by ​Kristyn Zalota, Founder I want to tell you about Carol Perks, an Australian nurse who has transformed maternal and child healthcare in northern Laos. She has inspired my maternal heath work in Laos and shown me the importance of generously sharing knowledge. The

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