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Lilongwe Parliament Building - Abortion Law Reform Malawi

My Hope to Save Lives Through Abortion Law Reform in Malawi

Tears flowed from my eyes when pallbearers lowered the coffin into the grave. I could not understand why the hospital had refused to offer my niece a safe abortion whose pregnancy was a result of rape. I blamed the leadership of my country, Malawi, for

A Trip of a Lifetime with Theatre for a Change

On our third day in the country, we packed up the van and traveled out to our third destination: Mbembembe Primary School. Little did I know that this small primary school would become a place I would write about and remember forever.

#BeBoldForChange: Tshepy the Journalist Turned Entrepreneur

To mark International Women’s Day 2017, I have conducted a series of interviews celebrating women I feel have had positive influence on society. The first woman is Tshepy Matloga. My name is Tshepy Matloga, a 30 year-old South African journalist turned entrepreneur. I am the founder of Chronicles Media Group (South Africa) and

Being a Woman and an Entrepreneur in Malawi

By Mayamiko Chiwaya, Student Driven Solutions graduate, age 16 Starting a business in Malawi is not an easy thing. Most people think that once you come up with a business idea you can implement it right away, which is not always true. To start a

Midwife By Choice, Not By Chance

This post was written by George Nkhoma. My name is George Nkhomo and I work as a nurse and midwife in the rural district of Chitipa in Malawi.  I grew up as a house boy, not knowing my real family. Then, after searching for my

Improving the health of pregnant women and children in Malawi

An integrated community health facility project to improve maternal and child health. Pregnancy is such a dangerous time in a Malawian woman’s life that it is considered unlucky to tell people about it. The majority of women in Malawi live in scattered villages and find

Better By Half

What can a room full of New York City journalists, communications managers and public relations professionals do to improve maternal health in Malawi? This. Last Monday, I had the opportunity to attend Better By Half, a discussion among Melinda Gates, Barbara Bush and Katie Couric. This

Malawi: Putting the Men into MENstruation

Written by Niki Fitzgerald Before the Irise menstrual hygiene (MH) education team left for Malawi, we underwent some training with Theatre for a Change (TfaC) on their innovative and highly interactive teaching methodology. As part of this preparation process our facilitator measured our confidence in

Surviving Childhood in Africa – Malawi’s success story

There is worldwide agreement that a concerted effort is required to ensure children in under-developed regions, survive and thrive.  Progress on child survival in Sub-Saharan Africa has been patchy, but Malawi is an example of how a poor country can meet global goals.  Political leadership

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