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The Cycle of Life: Meaning of Menstruation for the Future of Girls

This post was originally published on Huffington Post. My periods started when I was around 12. It felt messy, dirty, complicated. I didn’t like it — but, as most of us who are born biologically female, I dealt with it. For me, menstruation was a

Breaking the Taboo: Ending Stigma Around Menstruation

It is very exciting to be speaking this week at the Women Deliver event in Copenhagen. The conference is the place to be for concrete discussion and examination of the rights of women and girls around the world and covers a host of topics from

Menstrual Health: There’s an App for That

Women’s options for birth control have become increasingly more diverse since it’s creation.  NaturalCycles, a Swedish company, is capitalizing on this momentum and providing women a revolutionary contraception option: the smartphone. NaturalCycles’ mobile app uses an algorithm based on a woman’s daily body temperature to

Menstrual Hygiene Explored: Capturing the Wider Context

Written by Irise’s Guest Writer Chris Bobel, Associate Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Boston This blog is part of Irise International’s #12DaysofChristmas Campaign. This summer, I bought a new camera. I needed it to snap pictures during a research trip to

Menstrual Hygiene Explored: Dignity

Written by Guest Blogger Aditi Sharma, Founder and Chair of Kalyani  This blog is part of Irise International’s #12DaysofChristmas Campaign. Chhaupadi – The curse of menstruation A woman died in the August floods in the far western region of Nepal this year – simply because she

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