Cause of death: Being a woman

One out of three women are subject to violence sometime during their lifetime.

Three journalists decided to investigate violence against women, researching the situations for women in ten different countries. There are many reasons used as explanations for violence against women, such as culture and religion, but these journalists say that “the real reasons are power and control”.

The project, named Cause of Death: Woman, share the voice of women who have survived the violence in these different countries, the stories of women who have lost their lives to gender based violence. They also raise awareness of women and organizations working to make a change.

Girls’ Globe believes in this movement. Let’s stand together to support survivors and work towards eliminating violence against women and break the invisible chains of power and control.

The Cause of Death: Woman page was launched today, so be sure to go in and check it out, share it and follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

Break the silence and eliminate these patterns of violence!