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When will Menstrual Hygiene be Taken Seriously?

In Zimbabwe, little or no proper legislation has been put in place despite considerable efforts made by pressure groups to bring the issue of menstrual hygiene before the House of the Assembly.

Menstrual Hygiene Day 2018

Around Menstrual Hygiene Day, many organizations and individuals are taking action, raising awareness and supporting campaigns and projects. Here are three examples I love:

Lessons from the UK’s First Period Conference

The UK’s first conference on periods brought together organisations from all over the UK to share their experiences of period poverty and period taboos, and to develop a manifesto to tackle these issues.

5 Ways to Make Cis-Males More Comfortable with Periods

You’ve probably seen the tweet from the guy who thinks that you can hold your period in like you can your wee. Or listened to a boy telling some fantastical story of their period sexcapade in which blood covered them, from torso to toe, like

Why is Menstruation Still Holding Girls Back?

There is still a great need to address the issues adolescent girls and young women face holistically, and this includes advocating for the provision of affordable solutions for every girl in every school as a basic right.

Scotland Tackles Period Poverty

Scotland has taken a major step towards equality with the launch of a pilot project providing free sanitary products to women and girls from low income households. At least 1,000 people are set to benefit over the course of a 6-month initiative in the city

Stigma, Shame & Period Poverty

News broke earlier this year that girls in the UK are being forced to miss school because they can’t afford to buy menstrual products. Too poor to buy tampons? In this country? In 2017? Surely not. At the heart of the story were testimonies of two teenage

Menstruation is a Trade Union Issue

The shame and ignorance surrounding menstruation are obstacles that prevent women around the world from getting an education and working. Swedish trade unions agree: Periods are a union matter. Periods are very much an issue for trade unions – and not a minor one either.

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