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Sexual Assault in the Media

Content note: this post contains multiple references to sexual assault There continues to be a normalization of sexual violence in media and popular culture. The current culture around sexual assault tends to place blame on the victim and trivializes the idea of rape, and this train of thought

Girls’ Globe Book Tour – Next Stop: Latin America

Join Girls’ Globe on a global book tour of female authors. We’ve visited Sweden already, and we’re ready for our next stop! Latin America has a rich literary history. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Pablo Neruda, Jorge Luis Borges, Carlos Fuentes, Roberto Bolaño, Julio Cortazar. However,apart from a few notable exceptions, Latin America’s

January’s Inspiration

A new year offers the perfect opportunity for a little motivation-renewal, and so this January I have been thinking about who, and what, inspires me. Female role models received an unusual level of media attention in 2015. There was the Pirelli calendar, which made a shift

A Wishlist for 2016

There’s a lot we hope for every New Year. Good health. Thinner waists. Fatter paycheques. This year, Girls’ Globe is hoping 2016 brings us significantly more. As a group, we travelled to Mexico City and New York. We were fuelled by the tireless work of grassroots organizations,

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