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10 Quotations to Inspire you to be Bold

When it comes to feeling bold, we all need a bit of help from time to time. We asked our wonderful network of contributors to share a quotation with us – something they have heard or read that gives them a boost of courage when they

Why Are Youth Voices Around the World So Valuable?

Insight for the article provided by Nick Oketch As a college student passionate about empowering youth and improving conditions in developing countries, I have thought about the ways and means to making a difference. I asked myself, “How can I, personally, make a difference to help

The Women and Girls Who Inspire Me to Change the World

As I dig into my heart for the inspiration that keeps it beating, and find the women and girls who stand behind that inspiration, I realize that many of them do not have well-known names or faces. Most of these women and girls do not

Crowdfund Health: Transforming Women’s Lives

Nyaya Health is honored to announce the launch of our first ever global campaign: Crowdfund Health. I wish this could be on the front page of the internet,” – Alexis Ohanian, founder of Reddit Where Nyaya Health works in Nepal, women face a 200-fold higher risk

Students at Georgia Tech Speak Out for Gender Equality

Tuesday evening, I had the incredible opportunity to speak at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia. In the United States, Georgia Tech is one of the top research universities and is dedicated to improving the lives of others through science and technology. Representing Girls’

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