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The Linkage Between Child Marriage and Maternal Health

How can we improve maternal and newborn health for girls, women and children around the world? Tackle child, early and forced marriage. Last month, world leaders came together and agreed on 17 Sustainable Development Goals that will shape our world until 2030. The third of

Youth: The Leaders of Change Today

The city of New York is flooded with celebrities and high-level politicians this week as the United Nations gathers to adopt the next set of global goals for sustainable development – but there is another group of individuals that just cannot be silenced any longer. There

The Integration Hypothesis

​Empowering women and girls has taken me from East Africa to South and East Asia. The scope of my work has cut across sectors including health, trafficking prevention, gender based violence, water and sanitation and women’s empowerment. Several years ago, while working in rural Uganda, I learned you

The Story of My Daughter’s Birth

Originally published on Huffington Post It felt like I was in a movie — one of those scenes where the woman in labor screams in pain and squirms as each contraction kicks in. Never had I imagined that giving birth would feel like a thin

War and Women

In military conflicts, there are never winners. Without fail, war brings a devastating loss of life, property and irreparable psychological damage to civilians. Though it is not often brought into the spotlight, the suffering of women can be particularly acute. Major General Patrick Cammaert, a former

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