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Turning the Tide on Sexual Violence by Ashley Lackovich-Van Gorp for Girls' Globe

Turning the Tide on Sexual Violence

Behind the statistics are women and girls – individuals who could be you or me. As I move forward in the fight for the health, rights and dignity of all of us, I collect more and more memories of my time with survivors. The more memories I gather, the more often they crawl out from the corners of my mind when I’m least expecting them.

#RapeCultureIsWhen We Don’t Know What Rape Culture Looks Like

Last week, political analyst and writer Zerlina Maxwell began tweeting with the hashtag, #RapeCultureIsWhen in response to claims made by TIME Magazine and the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) that rape culture is “over hyped.” Over the next two hours, #RapeCultureIsWhen proceeded to become a trending topic in the

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