Tariro Mantsebo: Being Enough by Existence

Tariro Mantsebo is a medical doctor and feminist from Zimbabwe, currently working in a remote part of South Africa. In this episode of The Power of Your Story Podcast, you will hear about her journey to confidence. She speaks to Julia Wiklander, founder of Girls’ Globe about reaching her goals despite other people’s doubts, her recent struggles with stress and working in a male dominated field. Tariro’s heartfelt insights gives us so much inspiration to be true to ourselves and to know that we are enough, purely by existing.

“Girls and young women, take the time to know who you are. When you are clear with who you are, what people say and what people do won’t have so much of an impact and influence on you.”

In high-school, Tariro’s teachers had doubts about her ability to study medicine. As a practicing medical doctor, she still encounters sexist comments and disbelief. Yet, Tariro has coped with the help of friends and family, and moments of solitude. Tariro shares her path of figuring out who she is, despite governing gender norms, and stressful situations in her life.

“Sharing my story meant I could start to heal. I could share and pour out all those parts of me that were really eating at me, all those emotions – and just release them. I was able to create a space in myself to grow and put myself together again.”

The Power of Your Story Podcast is a production in partnership with SayItForward.org. We are so inspired by the many stories that women and girls share on the Say It Forward platform. Personal stories of overcoming fears, doubts, or circumstances that have held women and girls back. Sayitforward.org welcomes any woman, any girl from anywhere in the world to share her unique story and inspire others. We hope you are inspired to share your story too.

Daniela Arango: Finding Authenticity

In this episode of The Power of Your Story Podcast, Girls’ Globe founder Julia Wiklander speaks with Daniela Arango. They talk about her journey to confidence, overcoming fears and finding authenticity. Daniela dedicates her life to strengthening others spiritually and physically. Born in Colombia, she moved to the US as a teenager and now lives with her partner in Sweden.

Early in life, Daniela had to take big responsibilities in her family as she was the eldest in the household when her parents divorced. She talks about imposter syndrome, taking on too much responsibility and panic attacks. She also shares her tools for finding balance and encourages us to be our genuine selves.

The Power of Your Story Podcast is made in partnership with SayItForward.org – the platform where every woman and girl is encouraged to share her unique story of overcoming the fears, personal beliefs, or circumstances that have held her back. In this episode, Daniela Arango talks about experiencing limiting beliefs and what confidence and courage mean for her.

“Courage is to have fear and doubts, and still go.”

Too often, women are inhibited by doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that come both from other people and ourselves. We need more visible examples of women who have experienced and overcome their own barriers. We also need more space where women can have honest conversations with one another. When we are listened to, when we realize that our voices are important, when we feel supported by others, and when we are reminded that we are not alone in our experiences, wonderful things can happen. 

Through solidarity, encouragement and inspiration, women can support one another’s self-belief. That’s why we’ve created The Power of Your Story Podcast in partnership with SayItForward.org.

“We don’t do any good in pleasing others in the way we think they want to be pleased.”

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