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Standing with Syrian Women and Girls Ashley Lackovich Van-Gorp for Girls' Globe

Standing with Syrian Women and Girls

Women and girls in Syria, like women and girls in all conflicts, suffer disproportionately. Meanwhile, the world largely ignores them.

The Untold Story of Violence Against Female Migrants

In a time of global upheaval, from economic catastrophes to devastating civil wars, the issue of immigration is gaining importance the world over. The UN reports that last year, there were an estimated 232 million migrants worldwide, a sharp increase from previous years. Additionally, the

Takeaways from the Somaly Mam Scandal

I remember reading Somaly Mam’s stories in Half the Sky and The Road of Lost Innocence as a sophomore in high school. I remember feeling horrified and heartbroken by the traumatic experiences that she shared – experiences that reflected an egregious reality of ongoing sex


The world was shocked when on April 14, Boko Haram Islamic militants burst into a school in the Chibok community in Borno state, Nigeria. The militants kidnapped 276 girls from their beds. Only 53 girls managed to escape, and 223 girls are still missing. Schools should

More Than Just a Cover Story

Child marriage. Labor and sexual exploitation. Human trafficking. Society ignores these topics all too often. Major news outlets may occasionally touch on the issues one day, only to forget they exist the next. And the next. And the next. After all, why should we discuss

Shine a Light on Slavery!

Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Passion 2013 and be a part of the End It Movement launch. I attended the conference on behalf of She Is Safe who was a 2013 Freedom Partner. The End It Campaign was birthed from a movement

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