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Why Girls’ Globe is Suspending Its Use of Facebook and Instagram

Tech giant Facebook Inc., recently renamed Meta, has for a long time known of its detrimental effects on people. This includes negative effects on teen girls, women, minority groups, entire societies and democracies. Despite their knowledge, they have done very little to improve the safety of their platforms.

Girls’ Globe can’t condone the behavior of this monopolistic company that knowingly prioritizes profit over the safety and wellbeing of people in our world. We are a media platform that amplifies voices for gender equality, human rights and social justice and we will take no part in supporting a company that knowingly does the opposite.

Read this post to learn more about the recent troubling revelations made by whistleblower Frances Haugen and The Wall Street Journal.

Feminism: a Guide for Young Women

Feminism: a Guide for Young Women

It’s no wonder so many girls and young women feel confused when they are first confronted with feminism. And as more experienced activists, we have to be there for them. Here are 5 ideas I’d like to pass to the next generation of feminists.

Bellamy on Amplifying the Voices of Afroitalians by We Belong for Girls' Globe

Bellamy on Amplifying the Voices of Afroitalians

For the second episode of We Belong Podcast, we take you to Milan, Italy, for a special remote interview with Bellamy – a model, blogger, activist and the founder of Afroitalian Souls.

Women’s March 2019: Same Photos, Different Story

On Saturday 9th March, 15,000 people attended the Women’s March in Amsterdam. They braved icy bullets of rain and gusts of furious winds to take to the streets. Despite the grim weather, the atmosphere was electric. Women, men and children from all walks of life

In Conversation with Christine Sayo Girls' Globe SRHR

In Conversation with Christine Sayo

In this conversation with Girls’ Globe, Christine Sayo talks about feeling judged by others for simply talking openly about issues related to sex.

Addressing Cyber Violence and Harassment

At its core, the internet is another public space where women can experience forms of violence or harassment, similar to catcalling on the street or inappropriate touching on a subway. How can we combat cyber violence to keep ourselves and others safe?

Female Role Models

Social media creates an ever-increasing pressure on young women and girls to look, act and be a certain way. Is it better to have ‘perfect’ role models to look up to, or role models that show reality?

Women are our Best Support Group

The other day I overheard a group of women talking about something they’d seen on social media. A woman they all knew had reported a sexual assault she had suffered earlier that night on her Facebook page.  She had claimed a man, who the group of women

Surround Yourself With Feminists

In places where access to information isn’t reliable, support groups and networks can play a hugely important role. In Mexico, as has been highlighted in previous posts, there is a gender-based problem that needs to be addressed. Among many things, such as security, access to education, sexual rights and health, access

Female Networks: Creating Magic by Getting Women Together

2017 might turn out to be the year of female networks. Are you part of any organised network, virtual or physical? I wasn’t, at least not actively, until last year when I joined a Swedish Facebook group for women only, Heja Livet. Nowadays, I seem

Latin American Women Take to the Streets

On October 19th, women all over Latin America took the streets and protested for all the women missing today. As a plea to ask the governments for a better justice system, women of all ages wore purple and black in solidarity for the cause.

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