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Blood, Sweat and Sequins: Three Women on Taekwondo

When writing a blog post about how I started training in martial arts after an attack, I became curious about my friends who train at the same club. Why did they step into the dojang that first time, and where has this step taken them?

How Martial Arts Helped Me Get Back on My Feet

Content note: this post contains depictions of physical assault  After being attacked on my way home, I decided to start training in martial arts. I wanted to become stronger both physically and mentally, and eventually, I found my way to the Korean martial art of

Keeping Girls In Sport When Everything Changes

The ubiquitous #LikeaGirl phenomenon took on new meaning with the release of a study in the Journal of Adolescent Health, which reported that English girls start to leave sports around puberty and the onset of breast development. It seems that the vast popularity of Run Like a Girl branding may

Let Her Play – How Sports Can Transform Girls

Sunita Kumari opened the May 17th Women Deliver Conference plenary session, “Girl Power in Play: Leveling the Playing Field for Girls and Women.” Standing on stage in an athletic uniform, the 17 year old from Jharkland, India introduced herself by saying that her father is

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