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Stop Calling it Revenge Porn. It's Abuse. Girls' Globe

Stop Calling it Revenge Porn. It’s Abuse.

‘Revenge porn’ describes the action of one individual sharing another’s private or intimate photos or videos publicly without first obtaining their consent. The term came into prominence in the UK around 2014/15. Activists such as Charlotte Laws started to lobby for appropriate ‘revenge porn’ laws

The Stories of Women Who Inspire

Women and girls inspire us every day, through their strength, passion, persistence and creativity. All around the world, women and girls are changing communities in small, large, and world transforming ways. Starting this International Women’s Day and throughout March, Girls’ Globe is partnering with Johnson

#GivingTuesday: Already A Favorite Holiday Tradition

This week, as families across the United States sit down to their Thanksgiving meals, many pause to think of those less fortunate than themselves.  People like the millions of women and girls worldwide who do not have the luxury of being able to take a

Violence against Women Online: Threatening Tweets toward Women

In response to a week of user complaints, head of Twitter UK, Tony Wang, apologized via his personal Twitter account to women who had received threats on Twitter: I personally apologize to the women who have experienced abuse on Twitter and for what they have

Top Tweets #1

We are happy for the encouragement given by Melinda Gates, and we hope to be able to continue to spread awareness of positive change and everyone’s possibility to make a difference for girls and women in our world! Thank you!!/melindagates/status/180795444241235968   This was our


Progress. Optimism. Hope. Worldwide. POHW! Girls’ Globe was created to share inspirational stories of girls and women. We focus on progress, optimism and hope. Because together we can change lives.  Since we started we have featured true stories of Indian girls fighting gendercide, journalists creating a

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