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Toilets are a Feminist Issue

WaterAid’s new report – Out of Order: State of the World’s Toilets – demonstrates that for 1.1 billion women and girls around the world, decent household toilets are still out of reach.

Finding Perspective on World Water Day

Post Written by Jennifer Iacovelli Three weeks after I realized my marriage was ending, I traveled to Nicaragua with WaterAid on an insight trip representing Mom Bloggers for Social Good. We visited the most remote areas of the country to see the work that WaterAid

World Water Day: Clean Water is Only the Beginning

Written by Suzy Vickers, Public Relations Manager, WaterAid ​This morning 13-year-old Ze got up and went to school. This might not sound very remarkable, 13-year-olds girls go to school all the time, don’t they? For Ze, this was a truly momentous day. I met Ze a

Getting Personal About Periods in Uganda

By Libby Plumb, Senior Communications Advisor, WaterAid America Relaxed and talkative, a group of 15 or so girls from Kasasa Primary School in Kampala, Uganda, showed no embarassment when their teacher introduced me as someone who’d like to talk to them about their school’s menstrual

What do you mean, women aren’t equal?

By Alanna Imbach, WaterAid America After an hour of banging my head against the roof of our silver SUV with every jolting bump of the dusty red dirt highway leading from Bilwi, Nicaragua to the capital city of Managua, I was more than ready to

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