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The Women and Girls Who Inspire Me to Change the World

As I dig into my heart for the inspiration that keeps it beating, and find the women and girls who stand behind that inspiration, I realize that many of them do not have well-known names or faces. Most of these women and girls do not

Fawzia Koofi: Leading Afghanistan into a New Era

In third grade, my teacher taught our class a song where the lyrics stated all the U.S. Presidents in order, from George Washington to Bill Clinton. To this day, I still know (and occasionally sing) the song, with every election adding the newest incoming male

CEDAW: Ending Violence Against Women

“Gender equality must become a lived reality.” -Michelle Bachelet The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) began on January 18 and will go until February 5. CEDAW is an international agreement that “affirms principles of fundamental human rights and equality for women

Educate a Woman, Build a Nation

Lately, I have been thinking of the many opportunities I have been given for education. I am so blessed. I will be starting graduate school soon. Education has never been a question for me. I always knew I would graduate high school, learn another language

The Cost of Education

Education is priceless. But what happens when you put a real price on education? (I’m not talking about yearbooks and locker fees.)  For 12-year-old Chefor Fritz in Cameroon, he spent the summer selling onions to earn money to go to secondary school. If he does

Girls and Education: The Power to Change a Community

Education is powerful. In my mind, it is the key to development. In the words of The World Bank: “Educating girls is one of the strongest ways not only to improve gender equality, but to promote economic growth and the healthy development of families, communities

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