Join a Virtual Women's Circle!

You are invited to join a virtual Women’s Circle, hosted by Sharon Kathryn D’Agostino. She hosts two Women’s Circles a month, exploring a specific topic each month. See the upcoming dates and times for the Women’s Circles in the form below.

All women are welcome to join these Circles, so please feel free to share this invitation to someone who may be interested in joining us. 

Submit your interest via the form, to receive the specific Zoom link for the Women’s Circle you want to attend, because the link is different for each Circle. 

What is a Women‘s Circle?

Women‘s Circle offers you a quiet time for personal reflection and self-discovery. During the one-hour Circle, you will be invited to write brief responses to a series of questions that are meant to help you connect with… the many things you love about yourself… what you would like to change in your life…. and ways in which you can take loving care of yourself. The theme and writing prompts change each month.
Please be assured that at no time will you be asked to share your insights, thoughts or feelings with anyone else at the Women‘s Circle. This is an hour for you to take care of YOU, time for personal reflection, joined by other women who are also giving themselves the gift of time to focus solely on themselves. No talking or sharing, simply women gathering in a virtual Circle and gently exploring their own thoughts and feelings.

A few suggestions for those who decide to join the Women‘s Circle

… This is time you are taking for YOU!  If possible, be in a quiet space where you are not likely to be interrupted.
… Have something on which to write – sheets of paper, a notebook, or a journal.  While you can type your responses to the prompts suggested during the Women’s Circle, it is better to write them out if possible.