Lorna Andisi

  1. Health
    The Contraception Situation in Africa

    Africa is still merely limping towards achieving its agenda...

  2. Development
    Sexual and Reproductive Health in Kenya’s Big Four Agenda

    Of recent, the Government of Kenya (GoK) prioritized Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in its Big Four Agenda over the next…

  3. Development
    CSW62 Offers Hope for Rural Women & Girls

    Rural women are leaders, producers and service providers. Their contribution is vital to the well-being of families, communities, economies and…

  4. Development
    For Gender Equality in Africa, Focus on Corruption

    As a member of pan-African women's organization FEMNET, I had the chance to attend the 31st Gender Is My Agenda…

  5. Gender Based Violence
    The Real Price of FGM in Kenya

    In the course of my activism and journalism in Kenya, I have come face-to-face with the impact of FGM on…

  6. Gender Based Violence
    Politics in the Face of FGM: Kenya Edition

    Kenya is scheduled to hold presidential elections this coming August. In every election cycle, citizens engage in dialogue and negotiations…